This competition rifle weighs in at 6.4 pounds! If you're a 3 gun competition shooter, the lightweight and balance at the magwell will allow for accurate shots when running and gunning. Or if you prefer to reach out at long distances then with a proper scope you can tack nails at 800+ yards.


Upper Receiver: PAR-15 LW "Skeleton"

Lower Receiver: PAR-15 Standard

Wilson Combat: Lower parts kit, buffer tube, hydraulic damper buffer, grip, buttstock

Geissele: SSA-E trigger assembly, two stage, 2.5 lbs trigger

Griffin Armament: 15" low pro rigid M-LOK  hand rail

Cryptic Coatings: PVD coated BCG 5.56, mystic black coating

VLTOR: BCM Gunfighter 5.56 ambidextrious top charge handle

Lilja: Heartbreaker 1/2 - 28 .740 O.D. muzzlebreak

Lilja: 223-8 M4 fluted, hand lapped, threaded drop-in AR15 barrel

PAR Competition Rifle